Energy savings in industrial companies

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Energy savings in industrial companies: QUEST Methodology

Our unique QUEST method combines efficient data management and visualization using  Monitoring&Targeting while sustainably and strategically involving your staff into energy management. 

When people see in a quantified and practical way how their energy management actions translate into results they are motivated to continue this path, remove obstacles and create bottom line value from the management to the shopfloor level.  Simple tools and processes we introduce deliver savings quickly and in areas that you had not previously considered to carry savings potentials. 

Annual recurring savings of 5 – 15 % of your energy budget can be achieved without massive investments into new technology and with payback rates of about 1 year.  

Who can benefit from a QUEST program?

  • Industrial companies with an annual energy consumption of 400,000€ or higher
  • Industrial companies who want to really reduce energy costs and not only reach legislative compliance  (for example through a legal energy audit or ISO 50001) 
  • Industrial companies who want to reduce energy without massive investments into new technology by focusing on sustainable systems 

Advantages of using QUEST for energy savings:

  • Visible results within first weeks
    Some measures with a direct impact on energy consumption can be implemented immediately during or right after the initial energy review at your facility.
  • Continuous optimalization of energy consumption
    Energy savings measures should have a long-term effect. Our committment in QUEST is not just to implement the measures together with you but also to transfer our knowledge in energy management processes to your staff so that the program can continue autonomously and sustainably without outside support.
  • Low cost
    Savings are achieved primarily by optimizing existing technology, not by investing in new technology which is expensive. A lot of energy can be saved by simple adjustments of human behaviour which is an often neclegted factor.
  • Zero risk
    The cost of implementing necessary savings measures including our consulting fees are financed from achieved energy savings.  In the unlikely event that we do not identify at least 5% of low cost energy savings in your company after the initial site energy review, we will not charge you for the initial site visit, all risk stays with us. 
  • Quick investment payback
    Due to our systematic approach in first implementing no-cost and low-cost measures, savings quickly reach levels of on-going and required necessary program investments. The overall program payback is around 12 months in all our programs (both technical investment and consulting fees) and continued savings help make the case with management and investors for further more capital-intensive savings measures in the future.
  • Legislative compliance
    The energy savings methodology QUEST is fully compatible with the international energy management standard ISO 50001 and can also be combined with an energy audit.
Become one of our clients and significantly reduce your energy costs!

How QUEST works


phase 1 1 month

In-depth Energy Management Analysis 


3-4 day site visit at your facility by our QUEST team (energy specialist, data analyst, project manager/coach)

First preliminary estimate of savings potential 

  • Analysis of energy consumption and demand
  • Submetering concept
  • Development of practicable organizational and technical energy savings measures in priority of payback
  • Quantification of savings and required investments
  • Implementation of measures that can be implemented immediately to show early results of impact
  • Presentation of the energy management status quo, the savings potential and a roadmap to implementation and sustainable high-level energy management
  • An energy Audit as per legislative requirements can be included in this stage

If our conservatively estimated anaysis does not show at least 5% savings potential with a payback of 1-2 years, you are free to decide to continue the QUEST program or not. If you choose to discontinue the program we will not charge you for our initial analysis 

phase 2 3-5 months


  • Development of detailed roadmaps for savings implementation at your facility
  • Setup of a transparent feedback system based on normalized energy data and achieved savings results
  • Priorization of energy savings measures and coordination and support during their implementation (includes process of ISO 50001 preparation, setup of energy management processes with emphasis on keeping the developed momentum, on sustainability and autonomy)
  • Training of employees provides a gradual transfer of ownership for the energy management system
  • Automated weekly energy data analysis around targeted energy savings
  • Immediate analysis and identification of non-standard spikes in energy consumption including lessons-learned 
  • Regular weekly team meetings for the energy management team (about 1 hour weekly)
  • Reporting of achieved progress and results to management (15 minutes monthly)
phase 3 1-2 months


  • Further support as required for more complex long-term energy savings measures
  • Monthly check-ins to confirm that new systems function and keep delivering growing results

Our program will not end before the objectives for energy savings have been achieved or are on track to be achieved and you have internalized the new energy management processes and fully and sustainable own them. 

Become one of our clients and significantly reduce your energy costs!


How long does the implementation of QUEST take?

Usually 5-8 months. If you dive headlong into the implementation of energy-saving measures, the time can be even shorter. We have had a client where we completed it as a result of his sustained efforts in 3 months.

How much will energy management cost using the QUEST method?

The costs of this energy management method including investment in the equipment will be met fully from the savings achieved in the first year. It will be approximately 10% of your current energy costs. Moreover, QUEST is configured in such a way that it does not put a strain on your cash flow as it is financed from the savings.

What do the total costs of implementation of QUEST include?

Our services and investments in technological solutions with a very rapid return on investment within about one year.

What are the main obstacles to achieving savings? Which will you help us overcome?

In our experience, management commitment is crucial. It suffices if a manager devotes 10 minutes a week to energy savings. We help our clients not only to identify savings but also to adopt all the measures. We do precisely what is needed, what demands attention.

What if you find no potential for savings at our facility?

If the preliminary analysis does not show that your company has a potential for energy savings amounting to at least 5% of your annual consumption of energy, you pay nothing for the analysis and we assume all the risks.

So far we have saved 11 673 369 in these companies:
Become one of our clients and significantly reduce your energy costs!

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