ISO 50001

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Who needs to get an ISO 50001 certification

The 2015 amendment to the Czech Energy Management Act imposes the obligation to have an energy audit or a certified ISO 50001 energy management system for:

  • all large enterprises (enterprises with more than 250 employees, see an exact definition of the company size here)
  • small and medium-sized enterprises consuming more than 35,000 GJ of energy per annum. If such companies have more than one building, it is only necessary to perform an energy audit for those consuming more than 700 GJ of energy per annum.

ISO 50001 as an opportunity for major energy savings

Most companies regard ISO 50001 certification as a disagreeable legal obligation, but if you implement it the right way, it will help you to facilitate continual and systematic energy management delivering to your company permanent energy savings

We use the QUEST method to make ISO 50001 work as a cost-effective energy management system. This method rests on three pillars:

  • optimisation of technologies in use,
  • regular and clear data visualisation,
  • active involvement of employees on all levels in the firm.

Why prepare for an ISO 50001 certification with us:

  • We will not settle for energy savings on paper – we will help you implement all measures to achieve substantial energy savings in a very short time.
  • We focus on quick and effective solutions – we will not present with you ready-made measures with return on investment of many years which no one wants to adopt, we will rather come with effective steps whose results you will see within months. . 
  • We specialise in industrial enterprises - we have visible results in energy savings, having worked for such reputable companies as Škoda Auto, Audi Brussels, Knorr-Bremse, and more.
Become one of our clients and significantly reduce your energy costs!


What is better for us, an energy audit or implementation of ISO 50001?

At first sight, an energy audit is for most companies a simpler alternative to meeting the statutory obligations arising from the Energy Management Act. Nonetheless, implementation of ISO 50001 is often a better option in the long run. Essentially, ISO 50001 should not lead merely to compliance with legislative requirements but rather to a systematic a continuous improvement and an energy management resulting in permanent savings in your company. Therefore, we help our clients to implement ISO 50001 employing the QUEST method, which rests on three pillars: data, people, and technologies. The combination of these three factors provide our clients with an approach to ISO 50001 that really works and rapidly delivers significant energy savings. 

Does your firm perform ISO 50001 certification?

No, HE Consulting is not a certification body. We will help you prepare practically for an ISO 50001 certification, that is implement an energy management system which will be in conformity with the ISO 50001 standard and, at the same generate real savings. We will draft for you all the necessary documentation and furthermore, we will teach you how to use the new system, so that it serves you and delivers savings.

What are the main obstacles to achieving savings? Which will you help us overcome?

In our experience, management commitment is crucial. It suffices if a manager devotes 10 minutes a week to energy savings. We help our clients not only to identify savings but also to adopt all the measures. We do precisely what is needed, what demands attention.

So far we have saved 11 673 369 in these companies:
Become one of our clients and significantly reduce your energy costs!

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