Environmental and Health & Safety services (EHS)

Besides our core activities in energy savings and energy management for industrial clients  we have a strong background in the field of Environmental and Health & Safety  (EHS) services where we offer a wide spectrum of audits and assessments acquired over the last 10 years of closely cooperating with ERM, one of the leading global EHS consulting firms.  

Environmental Due Diligence

This assessment identifies and evaluates environmental (respectively key H&S) risks to professionaly support M&A transactions. Mostly conducted as part of the larger due diligence porcess, they can sometimes also be prepared as post-acquisition assessments. We can support you with both typical phases of environmental due diligence (according to US ASTM standards or your own corporate standards):

  • Phase I – evaluation of existing and potential risks for the environment as a result of company operations or the site’s history and surroundings, sometimes paired with a limited legal compliance review. The most important risk is usually the potential or already confirmed existence of soil and groundwater impacts due to their high remediation cost potential.  
  • Phase II - determination of presence and type of soil and groundwater impacts, recommendation of next steps  as well as remediation cost estimates (further work phases may be delineation, risk assessment, authority negotiations) 

Our independent advice can be given to either the seller's or buyer's side. 

EHS Compliance Audit

The objective of EHS Compliance Audits is to identify gaps and non-compliance issues in comparison with local Czech and EU regulations or with company-internal (corporate) rules and guidelines. We will support you with identifying issue close-out actions and priorizing issues according to risk levels. Furthermore we can also help you by recommending Best Management Practices. Finally we can offer support with company programs such as a safety culture programs or training workshops.  

Asbestos Survey 

We conduct asbestos investigations where we help you identify and quantify materials that contain asbestos fibres (ACM). The survey includes an evaluation of the the identified materials' state (friability), quantity assessments and asbestos testing of chosen samples to confirm the presence of asbestos. The asbestos analysis is performed by accredited laboratories. If the presence of ACM is confirmed we can assist you with organizing and supervising their safe removal compliant with existing Czech legislation.   

Machine Safety Program 

This specific service was developed in response to frequent demands by our clients, where accidents occurred or are deemed a potential risk due to a lack of machine guarding safety. The program objective is to clarify legal obligations for machine safety and install processes that eliminate the risks associated with operating machines and installations. 



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