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Who is under the obligation to conduct an energy audit

An amendment to the Energy Management Act imposes the obligation to have an energy audit or ISO 50001 certification on: 

  • all large enterprises  (enterprises with more than 250 employees, see an exact definition of the company size here)
  • small and medium-sized enterprises consuming more than 35,000 GJ of energy per annum. If such companies have more than one building, it is only necessary to perform an energy audit for those consuming more than 700 GJ of energy per annum.

You may need an energy audit conducted even if you do not fit into these categories if you receive subsidies from the government's Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovations for Competitiveness (OP PIK) for building modifications leading to energy savings.

Why do energy audit with us:

  • We will not settle for energy savings on paper – we will help you actually implement all measures to achieve substantial energy savings in a very short time..
  • We focus on quick and effective solutions – we will not bother you with generic measures with payback times more than 5 years (and rarelly more than 3 years) that no one can afford adopting. Instead we will identify and help you implement effective steps whose results you will see within months. 
  • We specialise in industrial enterprises - we have achieved data-confirmed results in energy savings, that we are proud of, having worked for such reputable companies as Škoda Auto, Audi Brussels, Knorr-Bremse, and others.


Become one of our clients and significantly reduce your energy costs!


What measures will an energy auditor propose to me?

It depends on the energy auditor you choose. An energy auditor charging low fees for energy audits and hence having little time to conduct them thoroughly will probably propose to you a ready-made solution with higher investment and a lower return on investment, such as building envelope insulation, windows replacement, exchange of conventional heating source for a more economic heat pump, or a lighting system replacement. A competent energy auditor who has enough time and experience for an in-depth analysis will also propose to you organisational measures aiming to optimise the existing equipment in your production plant, and changes in energy management. Low-cost measures with a high return on investment and short payback times are the key elements for our unique and successful energy saving QUEST program which we can offer to our clients as part of a legal energy audit, ISO 50001 or as and independent program.

How much does an energy audit cost?

This depends on the type of your company and your requirements. An energy audit may come very cheap if you are not interested in real energy savings and only want to get the certificate and meet your legal obligations. We do not offer such energy audits for our clients. Our work is based on practical benefits and besides the auditor’s stamp it will really help you cut energy costs. We will not propose to you nonsensical and costly insulation of a factory, instead we will identify savings where your investment will pay back very rapidly.

Is an energy audit good for anything or is it just a piece of paper?

Again, this depends on your requirements and the approach of your energy auditor. The standard of energy management in your company is also important. If you consume energy on the order of hundreds fo thousends EUR a year and devote to savings just a few hours a week, a competent energy auditor can help you make significant energy savings. If your energy management is already at a high standard, the benefit from the energy audit may not be so substantial. In our experience, a competent auditor can unlock further potential for energy savings even in companies who consider that they are perfect in their energy management.

So far we have saved 11 673 369 in these companies:
Become one of our clients and significantly reduce your energy costs!

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