About us

At HE Consulting our main expertise is to help industrial clients achieve significant energy savings at their manufacturing facilities. Our approach is different from that of our competitors and from what most people believe energy management is about. The methodology we developed has proven to deliver for our clients large energy savings within only a short time period. 

How can we support you?

However, we are not satisfied with merely identifying a savings potential for our clients and put it in a paper report. ISO 50001 certification or an energy audit with HEC means that in addition to certification preparation or reaching compliance we will not stop supporting you until the initially defined savings potential is delivered and until you see this in a reduction of your energy bills. We call  our unique methodology QUEST, standing for quick energy savings technique. 

What makes us different?

  • We make energy visible in a way that you will understand. Different from conventional monitoring of consumptions we teach you to work with energy data in a new way. 
  • Among other, we focus on the human factor in energy management and help you with introducing and then fostering the concept of „energy culture“ in your company, meaning a paradigm shift where the responsibility for energy consumption does not lie any longer exclusively with the energy manager. 
  • We use and deploy rapid and effective data tools and methods but will stay with you as long as it takes until you have acquired these and can use them independenly without our support. 
  • We will ask you to pay for our services only after it is apparent that they will deliver the results and objectives that we have defined together at the beginning. This makes the program self-financing

What do our clients say about working with us?

“The biggest benefit of working with HE Consulting was that we started to talk about energy at all levels of our organization  - from the shopfloor to the management..“ 

Production head of OCTAVIA model,  Škoda Auto a.s.

“We were very pleasantly surprised  by your systematic approach.“ 

Marc Borremans, AUDI Brussels Facility Management Director

„You showed us what a manager should be doing  and that is good!“ 

Marc Van Heirzeele AUDI Brussels Body shop Director

"I was positively surprised by your presentation – Please invite me again to the next progress report meeting about the program , maybe already next month?" 

Production head of FABIA model,  Škoda Auto a.s.

Years of experience and results to be proud of 

Our company was launched as a start-up in 2013 a after this only short time on the market we have been able to convince such large players as Skoda-Auto or Knorr-Bremse about the benefits of our QUEST methodology for industrial energy savings. In many instances initial pilot programs have led towards long term cooperations over several years with our clients.

Surely we did not start from zero. We feel fortunate that our key employees were able to gain valuable experience from working at the leading international consulting firm ERM (Environmental Resources Management) in assignments across the world. This also explains why our second area of expertise lies in environmental and health and safety consulting. 


We care

Each year 10 % of our profit goes to support the international movement and organization „The Hunger Project“, that focuses its effort strategically on ending hunger and extreme poverty in the world. With each and every euro saved in your company through our program you will not only improve your company’s bottom line but also empower those, who need it most, to lift themselves out of their poverty.   

Our support for the Hunger Project is not a mere coincidence. This unique organization involves people suffering from extreme poverty in areas of chronic hunger not as recipients of benefits but as the main change agents to end hunger. Hungry people are not a problem but the key to the solution. Similarly, we have learned that people are not the problem in energy management, and only a complete (and expensive) automization can lead to savings. Instead the focus on the human element in energy management and the involvement of our client’s staff to play a vital part in energy management is what makes our program such a good value and delivers sustainability. Involving people at multiple levels and training them with tools that deliver quick yet solid results is what works in energy management just as in ending hunger.

The former owner and CEO of HE Consulting has been involved as a fundraiser for the Hunger Project for many years in his free time and strongly advocates the principles of empowering people for any positive change. You can learn more about the Hunger Project, their activities and how to become personally involved here.  


Martin Zwardoň
QUEST Program Manager, EHS Manager

Martin Zwardoň is a senior consultant at HE Consulting, possessing more than 15 years’ experience in Environmental and Health & Safety (EHS) consulting from numerous audits and assessments in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Martin started his career in 2003 as an EHS manager in an industrial paint manufacturing and distribution company. In 2006 he joined the Prague-based company ENACON where he gained extensive auditing experience working among many of ERM’s international clients as subcontractor. His qualifications include H&S workplace risk assessments, H&S employee training, machine safety programs, fire prevention and explosion risk assessments. In 2012 he joined the ERM Prague team and then 2013 continued with the team under the HEC banner. 


Alfred Kraus
QUEST program manager

Alfred Kraus is a senior consultant of HE Consulting. His main area of responsibility includes project management and implementation of energy efficiency program (QUEST) for our customers. In addition, he is involved in projects from other areas in which the company operates. 
Alfred studied finance and insurance engineering at University of Economics in Prague and finance and economic science at JW Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main.

Kryštof Hána
Energetický auditor

Kryštof  Hána, HEC’s licensed energy specialist and construction engineer specialized in building energy efficiency, its subsystems and internal building processes. He plays a major role in assessment of technical aspects of respective energy efficiency programs. In his previous carreer at a civil engineering company he gained valuable experience in a variety of projects – from assistance with land development planing and permitting to HVAC systems design and subcontractor management.

The Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic

The Confederation of Industry is the premier business lobbying organisation in the Czech Republic providing a voice for employers at a national and international level. HE Consulting became a member in 2017.


ERM is one of the leading global environmental and sustainability consultants with a network of more than 5000 consultants in over 140 offices.

Czech-German Trade and Industrial Chamber

Czech-German Trade and Industrial Chamber supports cooperation among czech and german companies. We have been a member since 2013.

Coalition for Transparent Business

The Coalition for Transparent Business is an open association of companies working to cultivate the business environment in the Czech Republic. It was formed in 2011 and currently brings together companies from all manner of sectors. It is open to all entities that share the same ethical values and want to contribute to creating a cultivated and transparent environment in public procurement and beyond.

The Hunger Project

Each year 10 % of our profit goes to support the international movement and organization „The Hunger Project“, that focuses its effort strategically on ending hunger and extreme poverty in the world. 


Avetta builds connections with a SaaS-based supply chain risk management platform.

The Energy Managers Association

The EMA aims to improve the standing of the Energy Management profession and those working within it and establish best-practice in Energy Management.

Art of Space

A unique multi-platform project bringing together industrial and logistics real estate professionals, contractors, developers and investors as well as end users of manufacturing and warehousing spaces in the Czech Republic.